- Erase Negative Equity -

Negative equity is back.  In a big way.  Property values have fallen further than they did in the crash of the '80s and are predicted to take much longer to recover than they did back then.

So if you want to sell but find your property's current value is less than the size of the mortgage, what do you do?
Worse still, what if you have to sell, if you can see no other choice?  You may be moving overseas.  Maybe divorce or debt prompts the sale. 
What if a forced sale or repossession is imminent?  You stand to lose your home AND be saddled with massive debt, and that's assuming you somehow avoid bankruptcy. 
It's not like the banks fall over themselves to help.  They don't want to own your house if selling it won't cover the debt but they have their own financial difficulties and if you’re unable to pay the mortgage on time, frankly, they don't know what to do apart from repossess.
If you're desperate to sell, chances are you've spoken to some of the property investors advertising in your local paper offering quick cash, quick sales, cash sales and various other permutations of the same handful of words.  This is just a guess but… did they all offer you less than the current value of your house?  If your house is already worth less than the mortgage, that probably wouldn't help.

We are Len and Karen Sessions and we solve property problems.

If you really want to sell your home and negative equity is all that's holding you back, you can get it done today (yes, that's today, immediately, now), not waiting weeks for someone to see an ad in a newspaper or window, not being told to keep dropping your price by estate agents who then expect you to pay them thousands in commission.  No chains, no viewings, no sales falling through, no bankruptcy, no IVAs.  For that matter, no fancy website, either.  We believe in keeping it simple.  Which is why you shouldn't ask us how we do it because that's not simple (let's just say it involves some creative lawyers and human sacrifice).

Take a weight off your shoulders - please call or email us immediately - the sooner the better.  You may already have made your final mortgage payment.

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